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Smoked moose hide

Antique steel cuts

Vintage Venetian seed beads

Caribou hair tufting

Genuine leather backing

Handmade Brass metalwork


Approx. 6 x 2 cm


These unique hair pins were made in collaboration with Rykelle Kemp of Ahlazua Fine Arts. They were featured on SWAIA’s Centennial Haute Couture Runway this past year, as well as the Vancouver Indigenous Runway this past October. Together Rykelle and I bring you cherished materials and valued techniques from both our cultural histories, creating work that speaks directly to our Indigenous identities.


The stitched details were created using vintage and antique deadstock beads (materials no longer produced, and that offer unique textures and shapes), stitched to beautiful smoked moose hide. The sculptural hair tufts utilize hand dyed caribou hair that’s been traded with other Indigenous artists.


*please be advised, customers will be responsible for additional insurance coverage during shipment on items over $100.00 at their own discretion. Insurance options upon request, please contact me after purchase is secured. Lost or damaged items not insured under the included flat rate shipping*

Caribou Collab Hair Pins


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