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rare antique steel cuts (silver, blue, pink)

vintage cream and robins egg blue micro beads

vintage Venetian and steel cut scalloped bead edge

smoked moosehide

genuine leather back

fuchsia caribou hair tufted centers

premium cream feathers

sterling silver French hooks

handmade light blue fox fur poms


This special Paisley  earrings are based on a design from my late Setsune's (grandmother). She is the reason I bead and I miss her. What better way to honor her than through a floral design she used in her own work. The smell of smoked moosehide holds her essense and I hope these earrings can offer strength and protection to whomever they adorn. This design is very special to me and will not be readily available. It is beaded on hometanned moose hide, has a caribou hair tufted center and is loaded with all antique and vintage beads. These special Paisley 3 in 1 interchangeable pair of earrings can be worn in three different styles: alone, with feather tassles, or with statement fox fur poms.




diameter: 2 inches

drop length ( with feathers:) 17 inches (straight) Can be curled!

drop length (with poms):8 inches

drop length alone:2.75 inches

Grandma's Paisley Fly Away (interchangeables)


    Catherine Blackburn Handmade Jewellery

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