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2020  Agnieszka Matejko, ‘Borderline: Alberta’s Biennial redefines its boundaries with        exhibitions in Edmonton and Saskatoon’, Galleries West Magazine, October 8th            2020.

2020  Lindsay Nixon, ‘If you can’t handle me at my best, you don’t deserve me at my            worst’, January 30th, 2020.          Nixon-Essay-FINAL-LAYOUT-FEB-6.pdf

2020  Vanessa Dion Fletcher, ‘Armour for the Protectors’, April 8tt, 2020.          

2020  SHE Films: Susannah Heath-Eves, ‘ Poking needles through images of tongues,              Catherine Blackburn mourns language loss- and celebrates resiliency’, CBC Arts,          July 2020.

2020  Anne Kelly, ‘Textile Travels: Catherine Blackburn and Zachari Logan:Ditch                Flowers’, Batsford, 2020.

2019  Michael Peterson, ‘Year-End Views: Saskatchewan’, Galleries West Magazine, Dec          19th, 2019.                saskatchewan/

2019  Joy Xiang, ‘Bending the Light: A national survey of 10 artists who are reforming        material practice’, Canadian Art Magazine, Dec 12th, 2019.                    

2019  Caitlyn Agnew, ‘Catherine Blackburn Is Taking Traditional Indigenous Beadwork to        New Places’, Flare Magazine, Nov 19th, 2019.          it/catherine-blackburn/

2019  Dana Joseph, ‘SWAIA Fashion Designer Spotlight: Catherine Blackburn Art and              Jewellery’, Cowboys and Indians, August 8th, 2019.                            


2019  Christian Allaire, ‘Meet 8 Indigenous Beaders Who Are Modernizing Thier Craft’,          VogueWorld, April 24th, 2019.        beadwork-instagram-artists-jewelry-accessories

2019  Sandee Moore, ‘New Age Warriors: Catherine Blackburn creates futuristic regalia          for women who embody strength and fight prejudice’, Galleries West Magazine,            April 8th 2019.

2018  Lori Beavis, ‘Contemporary Native Art Biennial’, Border Crossings, Issue 148,            December 2018.

2018  Maude Darsigny-Trepanier, ‘The Biennale of Contemporary Aboriginal Art (BACA):          The  Work of Indigenous Women Emphasized’, June 4th, 2018.                            le-travail-des-femmes-autochtones-mis-en-valeur/

2018  Jayda Noyes, ‘Indigenous artist captures rising resilience of historical truths’,        Prince Albert Daily Herald,. Sept 7th, 2018.                                          from-historical-truths/

2018  Brittany Leborgne, ‘Issue 16: TAVVAUVUGUT: We Are Here’, WIOT Magazine, 2018.  

2018  CBC The National, ‘Designers behind Toronto's first Indigenous Fashion Week’,            June 4th, 2018.

2018  Kelly Boutsalis, ‘Indigenous fashion takes the spotlight’, The Star, June                5th,2018.              fashion-takes-the-spotlight.html


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