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Catherine Blackburn

Handmade Jewellery


Catherine Blackburn Handmade Jewellery

Inspired by the northern floral and geometric designs of her Dene roots, Catherine Blackburn Handmade Jewellery is a fusion of traditional and contemporary. This Indigenous-made collection, brings together rich color and culture to form luxurious wearable art. Blurring the lines between everyday wear and bold signature pieces, this dynamic collection exudes edgy glamour and timeless Northern design in jewellery that is both refined and functional.




              Images by Sweetmoon Photography, Karen Glass Photography and Darion Ko. Models: Amelia Boissoneau, Dakota-Ray Herbert,Jaydon Campbell, Katrina Eaglechild ( and daughter Brooklyn), Ellyn Jade.  Makeup:Kacey Beaudry. Hair: Nish Pan. Scarf: SacredX

See Stocklist for available retailers.Follow Catherine on Instagram @ catherinebjewellery

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